Month: April 2017

Atomga returns to BV for weekend of funk

iTunes categorizes Atomga as “world music.” Typical of corporate America, the designation is lazy and nondescript. Frank Roddy, Atomga’s tenor sax player, spelled it out for us: “We came together because of a love for Afrobeat music.” Afrobeat took root in the ’70s, combining West African musical styles with American funk and jazz and heavily influenced by musicians like Fela Kuti and Sunny Adé, both of Nigeria. A key feature of Afrobeat is the complex, interacting rhythms, which characterize Atomga’s full-bodied music. Roddy said the band’s name is an adaptation of the Nigerian word “atamga,” which is an ancient...

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Ragabonds and Funk Trek play doubleheader at Leadville’s Scarlet Saturday

A band that’s “bored easily” is the best kind. Most audiences are just as easily bored, after all. Versatility in sound and style exemplifies musicianship and keeps the crowd on their toes. For The Ragabonds and Funk Trek, two groups from the Omaha, Neb., music scene playing The Scarlet stage in Leadville on Saturday, April 29, evolution is part of the process. Five years ago, The Ragabonds began by playing what they dubbed “folk n’ roll” — complete with a viola — but now describe themselves as living in a constant state of creation, exploring electronic and R&B infusion...

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A.J. Fullerton stays true to his soul while playing the blues

Writing and playing progressive roots blues music that is at once spirited and sincere, 22-year-old A.J. Fullerton is busy making his mark on the Colorado music scene. In 2016, he was nominated by Westword Music Awards for the Best Colorado Blues Artist and won the Colorado Blues Society Members’ Choice Awards for Best Solo/Duo International Blues Challenge Winner, Best Young Performer, Best Acoustic Act and Best Slide Guitarist. When he’s not making music in the Rockies, Fullerton tours the U.S. full time with his guitar and homemade stomp box, living on whatever he makes at his shows. He’s quickly...

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Blacksmiths create musical sculpture for Salida’s Riverside Park

Sometimes, blacksmiths get a bad rap. Like when they’re regarded as little more than muscular brutes who pound hot metal into knife blades. But blacksmiths C. “Shark” Lambdin and Kamber Sokulsky, creators of Salida’s newest public art sculpture, explain that the art of blacksmithing is much more complex than people realize. It takes scientific know-how, an alchemist’s curiosity and a bit of mysticism to bring a blacksmith’s artistic vision to life. “There’s innovation and invention that goes on in all of this,” Lambdin says. “We have to be conscious of physics, down to the molecular and intuitive levels. We...

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Reggae star’s inspirational music making the world a better place

Native Hawaiian and roots reggae musician Mike Love crafts his music in a way that he hopes will make the world a better place, and it’s doing exactly that. At least five fans have come to Love individually and told him his song “No Regrets” turned their life around – brought them back from a place where they were considering suicide. “It’s a really powerful thing to hear that from someone and it definitely inspires me to keep making music.” Another tune, “Earthlings,” has motivated hundreds, if not thousands, of Love music devotees to turn toward a vegetarian or...

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