July 4 – July 10, 2018

ARIES: A picture is worth a thousand words, just as a single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities. However, living in your own little world is going to keep you from realizing that dream. Step out of your bubble with your eyes wide open or else you’re bound to step in an enormous pile of unicorn shit.

TAURUS: Since when do you allow others to tell you what to do? There’s a reason your symbol is The Bull. It’s because you’re hard-headed and stubborn. Being obstinate just to be obnoxious wins no new friends. This week you’ll want to be as big a pain as possible.

GEMINI: “All you need is love …” or so the song goes. It’s been too long since you’ve visited your Happy Place. Buy a Happy Meal. Ask strangers for belly rubs and tickles. Roll in a dandelion patch. Stop and smell the roses. But watch out for those who are trying to steal your mojo.

CANCER: Patience? What patience? That’s a quality you are woefully short of right now. Too many people take advantage of your good nature and are starting to piss you off. Try to give younger folks a kind word but tell everyone else to bug off.

LEO: Your career is demanding things that you shouldn’t have to manage. It may well be time to place a few well-worded hints that if things continue in that way, you have the dirt on the higher ups, and that you’ll spill those beans should they not leave you alone.

VIRGO: Events from last week have slowed to a dribble and you should take full advantage of this down time. You’ll see what you couldn’t before and recognize those who are always there for you and those who aren’t. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing lurking among your friends that need to be gotten rid of, stat.

LIBRA: Every person you encounter represents a fully formed world, one that could not possibly be brought forth without you. There’s the very real and tangible potential to screw up someone’s world if you’re not careful, and right now you’re clumsy and feeling out of sorts. Understand your ultimate responsibility and leave others alone for now.

SCORPIO: You seem to always know the right thing to say, but some days you’re just in a mood and don’t want to be responsible. This week, your words are the key to making friends and not more enemies because we know you already have enough of those. Needless to say, watch your mouth.

SAGITTARIUS: You are struggling to understand whom you can trust and whom you can’t. That’s because you’re actually seeing people without the benefit of those trusty rose-colored glasses. Their negative traits are now glaringly obvious, but instead of pointing out their faults, perhaps you should keep your mouth shut rather than risk alienating the very people you need around you.

CAPRICORN: You’re having a difficult time showing that you have faith in others. It’s not your fault that you set such high expectations. Stop setting the bar so high and forcing people to disappoint you time and again. Also, don’t abandon all the hard work you’ve done. You’re going to have to rely on it going forward.

AQUARIUS: In Sartre’s play, No Exit, he claims that “hell is other people.” You can certainly attest to that. Try to avoid participating in gossip or taking someone’s word as gospel on matters that they can have no real knowledge of. Your Air element might make you more susceptible to lies and falsehoods, and you don’t want to do the wrong thing based on fake information.

PISCES: You are about to allow yourself to be socially dominated by one of your enemies. You see it coming yet do nothing to stop it. That’s an indication of poor self-esteem and confidence. You’re going to need strength to get through the next two weeks. Surround yourself only with those who make you happy and support you.