Aug. 8-14, 2018

ARIES: It’s nearly impossible to overwhelm you. You think the word “burn out” is for the weak – except this week. You will feel piss-in-your-pants, gnaw-your-own-arm-off overwhelmed. You have no idea what to do about it, either. Do you race about, higgledy-piggledy crying out that the sky is falling? Well, only if you don’t mind being viewed as crazy. Otherwise, tough it out, snowflake. No one believes your ridiculous claims, so stop wasting breath and time.

TAURUS: You despise tough decisions, yet that’s exactly what you’re facing this week. Don’t get distracted by anxiety and all those unknowns. The more you fight making decisions now, the worse it will turn out. That’s kind of an “I’ll show you…I’ll go to hell!” mentality that does no one any good. You are sensual, so know that avoiding decisions blocks your ability to enjoy your world. In other words, get over yourself.

GEMINI: Chicken Little is your spirit animal this week, as you are in a tizzy and claiming that the sky is falling everywhere you go. The role that fear plays in your thinking is super important. When you obsess over what might go wrong instead of what might go right, you are engaged in self-defeating behavior. You need a quick dose of self-control, stat!

CANCER: Your keyword this week is: Mobilize. Instead of hiding out in your favorite place (home), you are being called to get motivated and leave your safe place for an indeterminate amount of time. It will be terrifying, but you can do it. The problems you’re currently facing are there to be your inspiration on how to break out of your rut and move to the next level. Change is rarely easy. Especially for you.

LEO: There’s a solar eclipse in your sign and is a HUGE jumping off point for you, in an exceptionally personal way. You’ll be called to re-examine your self-worth, reprioritize your anxieties and hopes. When you understand that you are not the sum total of your emotions, you’re better able to break free. Be your own BFF. It’s time to stop agonizing over every little thing and straighten the fuck up.

VIRGO: Why must everything be such a struggle? Well, maybe because struggle is a dynamic, creative force for change. Think of it as “leveling up.” Think of it as being reborn as a better you. Caterpillar into butterfly. Maggot into fly. You get the idea. It’s up to you what the next “you” will be. Choose wisely and stop letting everyone and their brother influence you in ways that don’t have your best interest at heart.

LIBRA: You place a high level of importance on what other people want, but at what price? You simply can’t ignore your own needs and desires for those selfish others who clamor for all your time and attention. Balance it out, Libra, it’s what you do best. Self-care is NOT selfish. How can you give your best when you’re always feeling anxious and pulled in a bajillion directions at the same time?

SCORPIO: You’re unerring willingness to slow things down works in your favor currently. Those changes you’ve been going through throughout the summer are beginning to gain resolution, and if you rush, you’ll fuck it all up. If you don’t meditate already, this is an excellent time to start. Give yourself permission to be ambiguous or excited or whatever else you feel. It’s all good.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s in your nature to take ownership of things other people do, as if that will help you in some way. It only means you’re trying too hard to be people-pleaser, which will cause you endless head and heart aches. Your inner life has been woefully neglected. You are quite capable of creating meaningful achievements in your own life. Tell everyone else to piss off.

CAPRICORN: One of your more important goals is to act in ways that reflect your integrity. However, this week will bring unexpected consequences, and in ways that will catch you off guard. If you’ve been true to yourself, you’re better prepared to handle the speed bumps that you are currently racing toward. The fruits of your labor are forthcoming. Like the saying goes: Take time to smell the roses but watch out for the pricks.

AQUARIUS: As the veritable know-it-all of the zodiac, it’s what you don’t know that eats at you. You’re immersed in feelings now, and they aren’t something you particularly want. Tough titty. Worrying accomplishes absolutely nothing. Acknowledge your stress and your anxiety, and try relaxing into the knowledge that if you let those emotions run their course, you’ll emerge in a much better place.

PISCES: You suck at power struggles, so you curl up in the fetal position and wish they would go away. That ain’t gonna happen, toots. You have two choices: you can decide how you’ll participate in those struggles even if you don’t get to decide with whom you’re struggling. As you search for compromise, you have to show the other person where the middle ground actually is so they can accept your willingness to stay and not run away.