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Leadville bike race series continues with 50K The trail system on the Colorado Mountain College campus in Leadville gets a lot of action, and maybe even the most in winter. Not only a solitary getaway in the wilderness south of Leadville, the Timberline Trails system is also used as a racetrack throughout the season.  On March 17, it will bear riders over its eight miles of groomed singletrack for the Cloud City Wheelers’ fourth competition in their Winter Mountain Bike Race Series, the Fatty Paddy 50k, sponsored by Cycles of Life. As one might guess from the race’s name, those...

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70th annual event combines, horses, riders and snow skiing It’s back – the sporting event for which Leadville has served as mecca since long before fat bikes and spandex were invented. Skijoring brings thousands of visitors in cowboy hats and leather jackets to Leadville’s snow-covered Harrison Avenue every year. In 2018, it’s the 70th annual event and the first under its new name, the Joe Manly Memorial Leadville Skijoring. The sport where horses pull skiers at speeds upward of 50 mph, jumping off ramps as high as five feet while lancing hanging hoops from the edges of the snow course, has...

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LCHS presents Broadway musical The Lake County High School Performing Arts Dept. will present its latest musical production, Annie, Thursday-Sunday Feb. 22-25. With a cast of more than 35 community members and K-12 students, aided by a production staff of over 15 hands, this impressive group of Leadvillians began tackling the Tony Award-winning production in August. Annie is the latest in a line of challenging productions that have surpassed expectations for high school theater and rewarded the City in the Clouds with hard-earned praise, culture and entertainment. High school musicals can be a gamble, especially in a rural district like Leadville’s, but...

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Leadville band plays Silver Dollar Saloon Friday “Think I’ll ride on down to Leadville, where I feel like I might feel no pain.” Some advice taken from the songbook of Carey Nall and Groovespeak, who will be ushering in the upcoming weekend with live music Friday night at the Silver Dollar Saloon in downtown Leadville. Groovespeak is a name familiar to regulars in the high Rockies music scene over the last decade and a half. The project of Nall and Brian Woodward spawned in Leadville as a two-man gig in 2003. Woodward now lives in Boulder, and Nall, who has been performing...

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Cloud City music scene offers plenty of choices Leadville’s musicians are making their rounds in some of the smaller venues that host live music. While some names are new, (Jessie Lee Thetford, Gabby the Fabulous, Treeline Kitchen), and some quite old (Ski Cooper, Carey Nall, Sam Galey), it’s still the same kind of vibe you’d expect out of Leadville. Real, casual and unassuming. This is the time of year that audiences can get up close and personal with some of these performers, when crowds are thin and made up of locals young and old. This is what’s going on...

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