Author: Cailey McDermott

Altitude with Attitude

In the midst of Iditarod season in Alaska, I had a small glimpse into the 45-year-old tradition right here in the Arkansas Valley. I stood on the back of a sled powered by a team of 12 dogs with names like Rhino, Crackle, Derailer and Toad. The team pulled four adults with ease and speed. Caleb Hathaway, owner of Monarch Dog Sled Rides, drove the team. Standing behind Caleb, I could see everything: the trail laid out in front of us, the two riders in the sled and the second team behind us. It was a great vantage point...

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Ten minutes in I removed my outer jacket. Fifteen minutes in I removed my hat. The sweat persisted. I fell over the first log we crossed, feeling embarrassed but not cold. I grew up on skis, but apparently it’s not like riding a bicycle. I took too many years off, and my muscles don’t remember. Snow fell while we climbed, it felt like we found winter. I could hear the clicking of the splitboard touching as I made slow forward progress. This was my first time in the backcountry, my first time on a splitboard and my first time...

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Monarch hosts competition Line choice, control, fluidity, technique, style and energy are the judging criteria for the IFSA Big Mountain Competition, which begins at 9 a.m. March 3 and 4 at Monarch Mountain. This is the second year Monarch has hosted an International Freeskiers and Snowboarders Association competition. This event is a junior regional competition for skiers and snowboarders in three age groups; younger than 12, 12-14 and 15-18. Kathryn Wadsworth, Monarch event coordinator, said last year’s event was quite popular, so they decided to make it a two-day event this year. As usual with IFSA competitions, registration filled...

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12-hour mountain bike race debuts; registration open If 12 hours of “taint-smashing fun” on a mountain bike sounds like something you’d be into, look no further than the inaugural Salida 720 race May 5. Produced by avid mountain biker and Salida local Keith Darner, the race route features the “most technical loop of any race in the state.” Darner, owner of Chocolate Bunny Productions, has put on many mountain bike races across the state, but this is his first 12-hour race. “I’ve been working on (this race) for five years. I wanted the name to be different from other...

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At the top of Sidewinder Trail on a 2-degree day, Luke Treat dropped to one knee and asked, “Caitlin Princess Diana Rolfs, will you marry the crap out of me?” She said yes. The Salida couple will marry later this year at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort. “My first thought was his quad was hurt,” Rolfs said. “I realized and I started cracking up. It was so unexpected.” In 2015 Rolfs moved to Salida from Kansas and Treat moved from Missouri. They met when Rolfs went to the radio station where Treat worked. Rolfs said she had a “celebrity...

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