Nice Pinch is a true-life book about what goes on in the cop shops  inside and out  written by one who has been there, Edward B. Hayes III, a fourth-generation law enforcement officer and former Chaffee County resident.

Hayes retired from the Johnson County, Kan., Sheriff’s Department after 29 years in law enforcement, but his tales of a law enforcement officer’s escapades are typical of pretty much any law enforcement department in the United States. He mentions pranks played on each other, working in miserable weather condition and the serious and sad incidents, accidents and situations. He also details some of the “back biting” that goes on in just about any occupation where co-workers sabotage one another’s efforts in order to promote their own agenda. Hayes tells it like it is.

After retiring, Hayes did volunteer work in several areas, including working as a rescuer and rescue pilot with Chaffee County Search and Rescue (North) of the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office. He was appointed to the Chaffee County Jail Committee by the late Frank McMurry when the new jail was being planned in early 2000. He also ran for Chaffee County sheriff in 2002 but later withdrew. So the book has a local slant as well.

“I’ve never worked with a more dedicated bunch of first-responders than those folks in search and rescue, other than those in law enforcement,” he wrote. “The S&R guys and gals are the same as cops, in a way, except they are volunteers. They risk their lives on many rescues, the same as cops, but for no pay. Some rescues (in Chaffee County) have been heroic, incredible and miraculous.”

Hayes also commended dispatchers, whom he calls “the lifeline of the police officer.”

As one reviewer said of the book, “It’s not for the church book club,” but for anyone who has ever worked in law enforcement, thought about working in law enforcement or just enjoys reading about cop stuff, it’s a good read. Hayes’ writing flows easily. It’s like sitting down with him over a cup of coffee and talking about his experiences and opinions.

In Nice Pinch, Hayes looks back throughout his career on 140 incidents he encountered, from assaults to home invasions to seven years in undercover operations, including a three-year assignment as a federal agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration in the Justice Department.

The book title comes from a comment Hayes’ father would make when a cop succeeded in making a good arrest. In those days, an arrest  or what we call a bust these days  was called a “pinch.” Since Hayes’ great-grandfather, grandfather and father all worked in law enforcement, he comes from a good line of “cop stock” and also shares some of the cases his family members experienced back when law enforcement was much different from today.

Nice Pinch is a good read and is available on and Barnes and Noble online. Price is $14.99.