Fayetteville, AK Alternative Rock band Brother Moses is swinging through our town and meeting up with Leadville Songwriter Mark Hanson for a riveting show on the outdoor stage at Benson’s. I had a chance to speak with them about the upcoming show.

Would you agree your songs emerge from a tightly orchestrated rock band with leanings towards Europop, post pop, complex dance rhythms and spry melodies with plucky verb-filled East African guitars?

We love all of those words. Our first goal is to make music that we’re really stoked about, and that seems to translate nicely into what other people like as well. This batch of songs that we’re releasing in August are all pretty danc-ey as you pointed out. In a live setting we just try to have as much fun as possible on stage, and these songs lend themselves pretty well to that, which has made for some very interesting nights of music so far!

You guys have been together since you were kids, how does that work now that you are all getting recognized musically and touring?

James and Moses have been playing together since they were in the 8th grade, so technically this is true. That said, we all share a ton of the same influences, even though we come from very different musical backgrounds. John-Lewis studied jazz for several years, Matthew is classically trained in cello, and James and Moses both have strong high school band backgrounds. We have blended well and it’s made us strong creatively.

Your new album is titled Legends?

Whenever we had long drives on our very first runs of shows, John-Lewis would convince us to drive, for instance, 24 hours straight back home to Arkansas from Ottawa. He and Moses would keep each other awake in the middle of the night screaming ‘LEGENDS!!!’ to each other. ‘Legends’ to us represents reckless youth, which is a little bit of what this record touches on. We see this period of our lives as the time to make mistakes, take risks and have the time of our lifes doing it. We think that’s a feeling a lot of people can relate to.

Why the Arkansas Valley? You are way up river now.

We all really love Colorado! We’ve played in Denver and Boulder, but really wanted to catch more of the mountain vibes, and we heard the Arkansas Valley was the best place to do it!