Two nationally known comedians, John Novosad, also known as Hippieman, and Steve “Mudflap” McGrew, will headline a show at Salida SteamPlant Friday, March 3. This is another in a series of comedy events brought to town by radio station owner Gary Buchanan of Three Eagles Communications through his connections with the Comedy Works circuit.

Both comedians regularly perform at top clubs and festivals across the country and have a wide fan base. Novosad’s self-deprecating, “stoner” humor points out some of the more absurd parts of modern culture. He’s created a comedy webcast show with Seinfeld-like interludes of stand-up solutions to America’s problems. On his show, he sits at a political roundtable as a third-party candidate running for every available office in the country. Many of his solutions involve special brownies.

Steve “Mudflap” McGrew is a Texan with an everyman approach to comedy.  He started out as a cartoonist for the Houston Chronicle and moved on to do stand-up with Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison in Houston and once opened for singer Dolly Parton. McGrew has enjoyed a large following since the ’80s, riffing on topics ranging from Walmart shoppers to cocktail names to being emasculated by his girlfriend. He has a talent for rapid-fire delivery and razor-sharp social observation, and he does a lot of “relationship” stuff. “Yeah, I said it out loud, but you thought it!” is a common line.

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