The Rhythm Revolution is a Denver based fitness studio rooted in the magic between music and exercise. It’s pretty simple actually, their offerings and brand is inspired by science. Research shows that music, (when used dynamically and intentionally with physical fitness), creates deep physical vibrations and muscle memory that transform the mind, body and spirit. Different from many other studios out there today, Rhythm’s classes have nothing to with the numbers, data or the amount of calories burned; they’re about tapping into the senses to truly experience aligning the body with external frequency, most specifically: sound.

Rhythm Revolution Owner Jasmine Anderson said, “We welcome everyone. No matter the color, the class, the creed, the gender or the orientation. If you are human, you’re our people! Anything less is not tolerated. Period.”

They encourage their students to continuously hold space for life’s intensity, beauty and everything in between. Promoting positive body imaging and honoring the body where it’s at, at every stage of the life cycle. Optimal wellness as an ongoing relationship; one that requires practice, discipline and a whole lotta love. Their mission is to provide a safe space for their students to sweat out challenges, delight in small victories and feel at home in the process.

Anderson has led the training in Denver as well as privately for other studios across Denver, California, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Canada.

“We like to take our bikes to weird, random and un-suspecting places. From retail shops, to restaurants to rooftops, to night clubs, to parking lots, to hot springs resorts, we bring the show to you.”

Every show has a different name. Unique to the venue itself. These experiences are live and totally unscripted. Resident and guest DJ’s plug in and the teachers teach based on what they hear. The music, the beat, tempo and rhythm is boss. With 24 shows produced in the past three years, they now bring their biggest production to date, to Salida, Digital River.

Don’t miss an opportunity to check out their full scale concert fitness production Sept. 28-30 in Riverside Park. You can find all the festival details here.