Good tidings, Ark Magazine readers. It is a privilege to be able to communicate directly with you – the wonderful people who have taken an interest in our joyful, creative Ark Valley community.

It’s been just over two years since some conversations among entertainers turned into, and then into this (hopefully) handy publication. Individually, we all knew about more than enough special opportunities here to enjoy ourselves and get inspired every day of the week. We also knew that in order for those opportunities to continue, more people needed to know about them. We also hoped to get more creatively connected as a region. We wanted to give you one, complete cultural calendar that would be good for a smile or two. For the most part, you’ve told me that we’ve created something useful. That has meant the world to all of us.

But, wow! I am realizing that properly delivering for the readers and supporters of The Ark Magazine as a full-time physical therapist and dad is a bit unrealistic without some more help.

The Ark Magazine needs a bit of downtime to get appropriately staffed and fulfill our mission. We are going to break from both writing and printing during the shoulder season so we can raise our standards. In this time, we will have a chance to develop the entertaining features we’ve had in the works, deliver on the publicity products that have the best value for our advertisers and build an infrastructure for reliable communication with our advertisers and readers.

I want to personally thank all those who support us and assure you that The Ark Magazine is working to serve you even better when we return. will continue to provide the best, up-to-date daily events calendar in the Ark Valley and the special opportunities, give-always, and photos and videos you can’t get anywhere else. Even if you’re reluctant to read your news or spend your time online, I urge you to check into our website from time to time. I think you’ll find this is the best way to ensure that you don’t miss out on all the fun our region has to offer.

As always, questions, comments and ideas are welcome at, P.O. Box 301 in Salida, or 719-221-1255.