Hello Ark Magazine readers,

It’s great to be back after a short break from printing. This issue is full of fall celebration, and we’re feeling pretty festive at The Ark Magazine. Last year at this time, Managing Editor Joe Stone and I were talking about how best to take an online calendar of events to a weekly product with professional journalism.

Over the next few months, some of the best writers in the area came our way. The magazine and the calendar were nurtured by their creative perspectives as Cailey McDermott, Ericka Kastner, Janet Varnum, Brennan Ruegg, Marcus Lyons and Melody Buschur all jumped in with energy and ideas. I want to thank them all for helping to create what has been a dream for me. I also want to thank the businesses that have believed in this project and supported us with their advertising dollars.

By creating The Ark Magazine, I wanted to give a different sort of voice to this community, which is the home I have always sought with treasures not found anywhere else in the world. In my mind, it is the people of the Ark Valley  what we create, how we exist and the reverence we have for our home  that makes life here so amazing.

We all hear talk around our towns each day of how to conserve our cultural character and integrity amid the challenging issues of growth, gentrification and commercial homogenization. Challenges are nothing new to this valley. By taking our ideas, ingenuity and appreciation of each other and sharing them among ourselves and with those we attract to our towns, we can, I believe, continue as strong, profitable, sustainable communities, whatever the challenges.

The Ark Magazine was created to help with this. We try, literally, to be an Ark – to invite on board all the “stuff” from the valley that makes us who we are so we can stay together through all the changes. By connecting Leadville, Buena Vista and Salida, we recognize our shared challenges and successes. We are in this together.

We look forward to continuing to build that “Ark” structure. Our redesigned website at ArkMagazine.net now accommodates video and audio impressions of the valley’s creations and performances. Our calendar is in print, on the web and now on KHEN community radio in Salida. We look forward to forging new partnerships with other publications and broadcasters who bring us news and daily dialogue.

Finally, we are gathering to make the push beyond our valley, aiming to represent the Ark Valley to Colorado and beyond and to channel new interest in our businesses and events. Please join us in our efforts to promote, connect and strengthen our communities.

Thank you for supporting us!

Best wishes,
Jamie Wolkenbreit,