August 7, Salida, CO:  The Ark Magazine started early this year as a conversation between friends.  Some were new to the valley, some had returned, and of course there were those who never felt the need to leave.  All shared the same frustration.  “Where do I go to find out what is happening today?”  The obstacles of not being able to open up a free paper or magazine and find out about all the entertainment, great ideas and activities in the area, in real time was discussed.  The next question for those of us who own businesses or play music was, “How do all those tourists find out about us, and our music, and our artists, and our activities so they can come and check us out instead of going elsewhere?  Do they know how much there is to do and see here?”  Again, it seemed amazing that despite all of the talent and creativity we see every day, there seemed to be no real vehicle to share, publicize and discuss it all.

Here we are, just months later, with what I believe is the first iteration of a wonderful product.  We’ve been talking to shop owners, gallery owners, club owners, festival organizers, hobbyists, activists, musicians, artists, writers and the like.  We’ve been interviewing and taking photographs.  We have put together a network to caputure hopefully every fun and amazing activity that turns up from the source of the Arkansas River to the hills of Canyon City.

We think we’ve developed a simple-to-use website, that can be accessed from phones, tablets and computers to answer all those questions about what’s going on.  But, we need all the amazing people who use our tools to help us!  Let us know about your events.  Tell us your ideas.  Send us your stories.  We will pay for any and all interesting submissions.  All listing for our calendar is free, and always will be.

If we can attract the eyes of every internet-friendly citizen of the valley, and every potential visitor, then we will have a home for our artisans and organizers to feature their works and link to their businesses.  We will be able to attract and support local, national and international music and art with our promotion company to show us all.  Of course, we will have an amazing vehicle for advertising.  Our proceeds will make possible a print weekly magazine and radio show that will then be able to include all of our audience without computer access, as soon as we are able.  So, please tell everyone you can what we have to offer.  Put our page,, on your phone and on your desktop.  Check in daily.  Tell us what you have to offer our community. Use us.  See you around town! – Jamie Wolkenbreit, Editor.