New album ‘Pop-N-Downers’ a call to action

A vintage 1961 Airstream trailer will soon pull into town, bringing the musical duo Hymn for Her to Salida for a show at Soulcraft Brewing Co. Saturday, Oct. 20. They mostly live on the road, constantly touring, writing and learning what living a worthwhile life means.

Their website describes their craft as “juiced up backwoods country blues with a dose of desert rock psychedelia.” The band is made up of Wayne Waxing as the rhythm section, playing kick-drum, high-hat, acoustic guitar, harp, and vocals; and Lucy Tight on a custom-made cigar box guitar and vocals.

Hymn for Her has played Salida before, notably for the past couple of Halloweens, and they are always happy to return. “We just love going through smaller towns and connecting to how people there live their own day-to-day,” Tight said, adding that sharing an evening with people in their local bar is an energetic scene with lots of dancers and people who are excited about music.

This will be their first show in the valley since this month’s release of their new album, Pop-N-Downers. Tight said the group is elated to get the project out for people to hear it and hopefully touch some hearts.

The stressful part of a project is not the release, but the beginning, she said. “The nerves are beforehand, when you are going into the studio and creating it and hoping it comes out the way you want it. You only have so much time in the studio, and deadlines can be stressful.”

Waxing and Tight feel lucky to have been able to record and master the project with good people and are happy with the way the new album sounds. Tight added, “Once it’s finished, you are most excited to take it to people.”

The pair believe the job of the artist is to put things out that make people think, and the songs on the new album tackle subjects designed to do just that. They particularly enjoy connecting with people who don’t necessarily have the same ideas about the world as they do. “It opens up both sides to a new way of thinking, which is very important right now,” Tight explained. “People are becoming too separated and closed off to other outlooks.

“The world is a crazy place, now more than ever. If we can all share what brings joy, then we can collectively bring happiness to the world. We are trying to inspire other people to do that too.”

How does that mission connect with a band described on their website as “Hell’s Angels meets the Amish” and “Hillbillies with electronics opening Pandora’s box”?

“That’s the way we live our lives every day when we’re out on the road as a family touring. We just go for it. You just have to sometimes forget about the fears and jump in. Just push forward. Don’t give up. Do your best.”

If letting this kind of light shine on you sounds appealing, mark your calendars for the show and check out the animated video for “Blue Balloons,” the first single from the new album.

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