with The Lambsbread at Soulcraft

Promoter and DJ Brian Waldrip will again bring new energy to Salida’s music scene with world-spanning beats and dance grooves. He will introduce Grammy-nominated solo artist Jahdan Blakkamoore and Hawaiian family crew The Lambsbread Saturday, June 30, at Soulcraft Brewing Co.

One of the most masterful innovators in dance music, Jahdan Blakkamoore notched a Grammy nomination for writing tracks for and lending vocals to Snoop Dogg’s 2013 reggae rebrand, Reincarnated. Producer Diplo and his electronic dance music trio Major Lazer sought out Blakkamoore for the collaboration. Blakkamoore’s touch has been requested by well-known artists in dancehall, EDM, hip-hop, roots reggae, dubstep and lots more.

Blakkamoore says his job as a musical practitioner is “to make people feel good” and help them “lock in” on that feeling. Reggae music is foundational to his sound, as is hip-hop, soul, and rhythm and blues, but he borrows rhythms and instrumentation from many more styles like bhangra and merengue. “I have a great love of all genres, and I’ve been blessed to be exposed to a wide variety of music,” Blakkamoore says. “The common roots for me are African riddims and dance grooves.”

“It is a great time to be a musician,” he explains. “All the advanced production techniques and the blending of genres and cultures get me really inspired. I can experiment with many sounds as a producer and work with many other musicians as a writer.”

Blakkamoore’s music flows with motivation, joy and redemption in a style completely his own. His songs are full of amazing technique from fast chatting to soulful singing, but they are also smart, intricate and aware. The name Blakkamoore is like one of his songs, born from a book he read about Moorish culture or “blackamoors,” as the Europeans historically called dark-skinned Africans. He was taken by the wordplay between the strong cultural meaning and the alternate Spanglish interpretation “black amor” or black love. “That’s my brand,” he says.

The Lambsbread includes 16-year-old drummer Samuel Rathje and his brother,12-year-old keyboardist Jacob, touted as Hawaii’s “youngest professional reggae musicians.” Parents Kaya and Nadia met and formed The Lambsbread in 2003.

“It’s been a blessing to make music with my wife, Nadia, over the years,” says Kaya. “The music is a unifying force between us and with the whole family in general. Bringing a message of love and unity through the music has been our focus.”

The family lives on Kauai but tours extensively along the West Coast, sharing some production history with Blakkamoore through the Hawaii-based Lustre Kings label. In tune with Blakkamoore, the Rathjes make music created with dance vibrations that bring people together, encouraging people to forget their troubles and dance.

“The islands are a mystical place, and in nature you find the answer to many questions in life. The foundation of reggae music is consciousness, and so we continue to put forward the roots in our lyrics and music,” Rathje muses. “As people are constantly being bombarded with negativity and illusion, I seek to do my part in uplifting people of all ages to find their highest potential in life.”