Transylvanian, Scandinavian and Gypsy jazz awaits listeners at any one of Karl Kummerle and Martin Masakowski’s Chaffee County gigs this week. Based in New Orleans, the traveling duo booked a prolific Chaffee County tour, bookended with sets at Asian Palate, May 25 and June 1.

Kummerle said he’s been coming to the Ark Valley every summer for six years, since meeting Buena Vista residents Eddie Sandoval and Brynn Ronning. Sandoval owns the Asian Palate. Kummerle first starting coming to Buena Vista as part of the Black Resonators. It wasn’t until recent years that he started bringing in his own projects. “The tour is going quite well. My friend Martin is here with me from New Orleans,” Kummerle said. “He plays the stand up bass and is a jazz prodigy. It’s been nice playing for the Paddlefesters.”

This is the duo’s third – or fourth – tour together, but they also have other musical projects. Masakowski also plays in a family band with his father and sister. Soon they are slotted to tour through Europe. Kummerle said he spends the summer months traveling and playing music. In the winter he lives in New Orleans and plays clubs – Masakowski does too. Kummerle enjoys learning music from different cultures, and tries to offer some of his own musical culture in return. “We’re playing original acoustic music for bass and violin,” Kummerle said. Our music features a lot of styles from around the world. We play a lot of Transylvanian music, Scandinavian and Gypsy violin music.”

“Spreading happiness and joy through music” is Kummerle’s main objective. He’d like to play in Colorado more often in the future, and he’s got his sight on a slot or two at one of Chaffee County’s “cool summer musical festivals.” The poster used to advertise the duo’s tour schedule features a colorful, whimsical drawing. Kummerle said it was done by a 4-year-old girl they met in a café in New Orleans. “She drew a wonderful likeness of Martin and I,” he said.

Their next local stop is at Howl Mercantile in Salida at 7 pm, May 29. Kummerle said the Howl show will be a “listening orientated” acoustic concert. Expect an “evening of introspective melody and harmony” that’s meant to cultivate an intimate feeling. They will play the Watershed Stage at 7 pm, May 31 and at 5:30 pm, June 1 at the Asian Palate. Both the Howl and the Asian Palate shows will be a joint presentation with The Ark Magazine.