Save the date!  The Leadville Main Street Program is planning its second annual Live and Silent Auction fundraiser Saturday, Sept. 8 from 5 to 8 p.m. Last year we sought artists and local creatives to transform old, historic Tabor Grand Hotel doors into pieces of art for the live auction. We had kept these doors secret and in storage until we found the perfect purpose for them, our first live auction fundraiser. The fundraiser was a success and the pinnacle of the entire event was during set-up when all of the live auction items came together on the Tabor Opera House stage and each door was so creatively different from one another. 
Every September, the main street program celebrates another year of Lovin’ On Leadville in the community and we throw a fundraiser. We are seeking interested volunteers to support the main street program mission and help us have another successful fundraiser this year. The Leadville Main Street Program mission is to, “Encourage economic growth and historic preservation in downtown Leadville.”  The program is committed to achieving this through beautification, historic preservation, and the revitalization of public spaces downtown. This past April, the City of Leadville created a part-time Main Street Manager/ Administrative Assistant position to continue main street responsibilities and additional assistance to the city. The program is planning to move up a tier in the state Colorado Main Street tiered program from a Candidate community to a designated Main Street community this July and has gained a lot of positive momentum. The funds raised go towards sustaining our projects and programs that we aim to continue every year to better serve our residents, businesses, and visitors. 
This year for the live auction we have stuck to the theme of repurposing unique objects but this time to be transformed into functional lamps. If you don’t want to repurpose a unique object into a lamp, we are also looking for donations of unique lamps that artists might be able to use for their projects, or you could even do something as simple as thrifting and antiquing for unique lamps and repurpose the shade to brighten it up a little. You can virtually turn anything into a lamp! We want everyone to feel like this is a fun project they can participate in from local creatives, organizations, groups, artists, to non-artists. We realize the value of an artists time in the community and we would like to make this an opportunity for us to better promote your work for opportunities to do commissioned work during and after the auction. 
Please contact Destinee Lukianoff, Leadville Main Street Program Manager, at to confirm you will be creating a lamp for the fundraiser. Artists will need to find their own supplies and we are asking you have your project completed and brought to Leadville’s City Hall on or before Aug. 24. Please coordinate with Destinee Lukianoff for all details.