Elder Grown, Andy Sydow highlight Lariat lineup

Durango band Elder Grown will take the stage at The Lariat at 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 18, in the band’s second performance in Buena Vista.

Musical relatives influenced all five members of the group, and with three brothers in the band – Josh, John and Paul Hoffman – family remains an important part of their music. “Having most of the band be related, it kinda makes us all feel like we’re family,” said saxophonist Sam Kelly.

When the three brothers were growing up, Kelly said, their uncles had a band in Albuquerque. The uncles taught the Hoffmans’ older cousins to play, and the cousins formed a group, all of which influenced the three brothers.

“My dad, when I was growing up, always played guitar and sang,” said Kelly. “It took me until high school to get interested, but he taught me to play guitar. Then, I went to college for sax.”

Brandon Clark, who rounds out the quintet, started playing music during his freshman year of high school when his older brother, Andrew, got a guitar for Christmas and they learned to play together.

The importance of family is even reflected in the group’s name. The Hoffman brothers’ grandmother and family matriarch also played an important role in instilling a love of music, so Marion Elder inspired the name Elder Grown.

Elder Grown released its second full-length album in April, a soulful self-produced collection of songs that combine soul, pop, hip-hop and groove influences.

Kelly has high praise for Lariat sound man Brother Rob. “Playing at The Lariat, he had the best sound I’ve ever heard coming out of my monitor. He’s an amazing sound guy.”