Changes signify a commitment to connecting consumers with locally raised, sustainably produced products

Central Colorado Foodshed Alliance (CCFA) announced it has adopted the new name, Foodshed Alliance, to better reflect its focus and the many partnerships fostered by the organization since its 2007 inception.

“The original naming efforts were strong, and the new name is a testament to the great foundation that was laid. We are simply polishing something that already had innate beauty but was obscured by rough edges,” says Seth Roberts, Weathervane Farm, and Foodshed Alliance Board Member.

The partnerships created by Foodshed Alliance between local businesses and food producers have helped to create diverse and vibrant Farmers Markets in Buena Vista and Salida that connect consumers with locally-raised and sustainably-produced products.

This season marks the start of the 11th year of Foodshed Alliance Farmers Markets, which began on Friday, June 2 in Buena Vista and on Saturday, June 3 in Salida. They will run through October 14.

Foodshed Alliance Farmers Markets offer stunning backdrops, a source for locally grown and produced foods and products, and a family-friendly atmosphere. With open, green spaces, live music, and prepared foods, these markets are the best places to buy the freshest food, connect with your community and appreciate the talents of our neighbors.

“Markets were once the primary place to purchase food. Big box stores changed that. But now, with market prices comparable to those of big stores, we can shift back to the traditional model of buying food directly from the producer,” says Jim Pizzino, JD4 Beef, and Foodshed Alliance Board Member.

This year, Buena Vista’s market moves to Fridays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and will be in South Main Town Square. With bouldering rocks, a “beach” and free, post-market concerts, presented by South Main Arts & Parks Trust; the Buena Vista Farmers Market offers an ideal opportunity for gathering with family and friends.

Salida’s Farmers Market will be held in its traditional location at Alpine Park, a grass and tree-filled park that provides an easy and ideal retreat from the eccentric and exciting happenings of downtown. The Salida Farmers Market hours are Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Foodshed Alliance supports more than 40 vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables, pastries and bread, meats, eggs, cheese, prepared food, and more. Local artists, crafters, and jewelers also offer skillfully-crafted and mindfully-made creations.

The changes made to this year’s markets, in conjunction with the organization’s new identity, aim to keep the markets as an integral piece our community fabric for years to come. “For the past year, the Board of Directors has been working hard on making sure the Markets are well positioned for the future,” says Ashley Ahlene, Foodshed Alliance Market Manager/Designer, CO Creative.