June Exhibit features botanical art

Any confluence of art and science must blend together science and art in equal measure. An exhibit at the SteamPlant Event Center’s Paquette Gallery throughout the month of June does just that.

The Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists has created an exhibit of original botanical paintings of strains of the cannabis species currently under legal cultivation in Colorado as agro pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals, or fiber products. Each plant is beautifully and accurately portrayed in any of several archival media.

Botanical art conveys both beauty and information in elegance and style. Botanical artists carry this encounter to new heights of recorded observation and visual commentary, producing useful and timely portraits of various strains of species Cannabis sativa and C. indica. This genus of plants has historical and contemporary use in medicine, recreation and the fiber and paper industries. The exhibit’s educational goal is to depict various subspecies of these plants in their actuality rather than mythology, so the public may know and respect their ancient and ongoing utility.

The exhibit was open to all botanical artists, including but not limited to members of Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists and the American Society of Botanical Artists. Submitted works were juried following standard botanical art tenets, assessing scientific accuracy, aesthetics and technical mastery.

Of note, the Colorado Front Range is a national center of contemporary botanical art, home to many nationally and internationally recognized artists. Several current RMSBA members’ works reside in the permanent collection of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Penn., the most prestigious U.S. collector of contemporary botanical art.