When a  trio of kids swaggers into a club, asks to talk to the manager during a busy night with a band playing, then asks if they can jump on stage during set break, what is that manager supposed to say?  If that manager is Court Johnson, of The Lariat in Buena Vista, it is: “let’s check with the band.”  Court has remade the venue on his ability to find great entertainment and keep an open mind.  On this night, Johnson hit some musical paydirt.  That trio of kids turned out to be ‘Porcelain Hill’, and their short intermission set dropped jaws throughout the room.

They describe themselves as “music you feel, not hear.”  The band is Darnell “Big D” Cole, ,“Wildfire” Nathalie Campos, and Jacob “The Kid” Lucero. Originally formed when Darnell and Nathalie met after college, the two formed Porcelain Hill. Two years later, the Duo went to an open jam and decided it was time to add bass at an open mic they met Jacob, the youngest of the trio (hence “The Kid”)  After a single practice, Porcelain Hill was solidified.  They deliver are hard-hitting rock riffs and flaming-hot guitar vamps.  They have been compared to a power trio in the vein of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble.  They do play to the crowd with the same sort of charisma.

Hailing from Ontario, California, their next gig is at the world famous ‘Whiskey A Go Go’ in Hollywood.  They have been turning heads quickly with their brash charm.  Having them back to the Lariat for their own night went on the Lariat put on the to-do list right away.  They return 9/16 at 9pm.