From Salida Recreation and Hot Springs Aquatic Center – Salida Bike Fest is coming, September 15 – 18 with four days of bicycle fun! You can pre-register for many events now by following the schedule link below.

Bike fun has a long history in Salida. Here is piece from The Salida Museum’s Spring newsletter, along with a pic. “Bicycling fever took off in the 1890s when manufacturers started producing “safety” bicycles to replace the hazardous high-wheelers. Not to be used for just transportation, the new bikes prompted Salida enthusiasts to organize several bicycle clubs and races. Everyone in town turned out for the local races; prizebikefests included cash, gold watches and gold medals. One 12-mile race saw racers sprinting up to the Mesa, out to present-day Highway 285, and returning on a route that parallels Highway 50. Keep in mind that these were all probably dirt roads at the time.

“Eventually, local women caused quite a stir by bicycling around town in their bloomers because long dresses and petticoats were just in the way. The Salida mayor and councilmen passed a city ordinance forbidding such risqué attire. Salida women, including the wives and daughters of the elected officials, showed up downtown on their bikes and wearing bloomers one Sunday afternoon. The poor downtown policeman was overwhelmed by the “shear” number of lawbreakers and decided to do nothing. The next day, the chastised council voted to rescind the ordinance.”

We’re hoping to see lots of cool bikes this year, especially some of the old high-wheelers and “safety” bikes (and maybe some bloomers)!

Thanks Salida Museum for allowing us to share!

Here’s a link to the schedule: