Brewing since at least February 2016, is Salida’s free ‘zine called Salidascope.  This publication, brought to you by Zoe Rayor and Dustin Tidwell, is billed as “local goings-on, drawings, poetry, blurbs, thoughts, scribbles & expressions of self from the heart of the heart.”  What is boils down to is a submission-based pulished art gallery and platform for expression, where you will find a huge array of visual ideas from the minds of your local artists.  Some are linked to online galleries or books or artisan sites, some are anonymous statements.  Since Salidascope is curating both an underground and ground-level Salida thought museum, it achieves what the Ark Magazine applauds, which is a true community forum.

It is independently published and distributed from Tidwell’s studio as a labor of love in compact 5 inch or so format.  Follow where the pages take you, and you will find something much more.  At the very least, you may even find yourself getting to know your neighbors a bit better.  At most, there is crazy-good art in here.  This is why the opening of selected artists from the ‘zine in full gallery space promises to be something we’ve not seen before.

Salidascope opens in full size September 3rd at Gallery Van De Water.  It runs through September 24th.

As always with the ‘zine all Salidans are encouraged to submit at