Apply now for the Salida Council for the Arts’ community grant

The Salida Council for the Arts is now receiving applications for their final awarding of 2018 Community Grants. Grants of up to $500 each are open to applicants seeking funding for local arts and cultural based projects. These projects need to have a definable connection to the Salida Community and be supportive of the Council’s Mission Statement.  Current applications are available online here and must be received by October 31. Successful projects will be funded in December 2018.

Community Grants Chair Jessie Miller said, “The SCFTA Community Grants are awarded to support specific arts and cultural projects or events. In 2017, the Council received 28 exceptional applications, 6 of which were awarded $500 each in Community Grants, totaling $3000. The multitude of applications and the true creative passion of the applicants spoke to the strength of arts and culture in our local community.” The following arts and cultural projects were awarded SCFTA Community Grants in 2017: Puzzling Evidence & New Associations by Suzanne Rittmann of The Maverick Potter; Parkour Acrobatics Workshop-Circus Anniversary by Joe Lobeck and the School of Nin; Salida Ink by H. Mark Weidman; the Pottery Project by the Alliance Against Domestic Abuse; TINTS Productions (Theater In Non-Traditional Spaces) by Steve Kucera; and Dias de Los Muertos by Community Costumes, Inc. and Krista Jarvis.

Earlier this year, SCFTA awarded grants worth $2500-$500, to the following recipients: Merry Cox for her “Blessed are the Pollinators;” Tarek Abzoun for “The Clown In You,” a 2-day Clowning Intensive; Elliott Jackson on behalf of Articipate’s “Scrapyard” project; Devon Kasper for “Shakespeare in the Park” and Angela Welborn, on behalf of Chaffee County EMS, for their “CCEMS Missions Statement Vision” project.

Miller said the best advise she could give applicants who want to build a successful SCFTA Community Grant application would be to “examine the events and projects that have previously been funded. Applicants should include a clear and detailed project/event vision, timeline, itemized budget, and describe specific community impact and involvement within their Grant applications. The Community Grants are not given to support ongoing operating funds, but rather to encourage and bring to life outstanding creative ideas that manifest in the Salida area.”

“The Salida Council for the Arts Board of Directors is always excited and proud to see the results of the funding awarded this past year,” said committee member Ken Brandon.
Sue Ann Hum, SCFTA President, said, “We hope to be able to provide annual support in our community with similar grants. Giving matters. Area residents’ financial support of the Council’s activities and fundraising will continue to make these Grants available in the future, enriching the cultural life of our community. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Arts Council, just click on “Support” on our website at” Hum encourages applicants to “get their thinking caps on” to create other unique arts or cultural projects in our community.

The SCFTA Mission Statement: “Our mission is to enrich the cultural life of our community by nurturing and supporting excellence in the arts; to increase the community’s awareness of and appreciation for the arts; to promote and encourage arts education; and to serve as liaison between the arts, businesses, government and educational institutions.”