Sorelle Delicatessen brings homemade Italian to Buena Vista

I could not be more thrilled that Sorelle Delicatessen is open at last and that Buena Vista now offers authentic, homemade Italian food. Not only is it a great addition to the restaurant options in town, but now that the season has changed, it is the ultimate comfort food for those chilly winter evenings.

Sorelle, which means “sisters” in Italian, describes the heartfelt passion of two sisters, Kimberly Schwan and Sara Cross, who along with their older sister Kaiya Brooks and the rest of their supportive family were able to realize their dream of opening an eatery showcasing their family’s appreciation of good-quality, healthy, all-natural food. The deli also gives them a place to share their long-standing family meals and traditions with their community.

Currently, the deli is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., offering not only an option to dine-in and enjoy the homey atmosphere but also a case filled with all kinds of Italian meats, cheeses, sauces and take-and-bake meals. Pre-made sandwiches, pasta salads and daily specials are easy to grab and go as well.

“We want all walks of life to be able to come in and find something that is affordable and appealing to them, whether it’s a comfortable dining experience or just a quick stop on the lunch break. We want to provide that ease of convenience and fun atmosphere to cater to all of those needs, but we especially love the sister aspect.” Schwan said it’s beautiful to be a part of something that she and her sister are both passionate about and to have the full support of their family.

My experience with Sorelle Deli hit every expectation of what I want in an Italian meal. I ordered the lasagna since it is their famous family recipe and traditional Christmas meal made with fresh pasta and house-made red sauce. My husband ordered Nana’s Meatball Sandwich, which is complete with made-fresh beef and pork meatballs, provolone cheese, red sauce, onions and peppers on an artisan baguette.

As we were ordering I had my eye on the mini cannolis in the case beside the register, so of course we ordered three of those for dessert. (One for him and two for me, naturally). We ate every single bite, and I assure you the portions were a good size for even the heartiest appetite. We opted to dine in their newly renovated courtyard, which provides a cozy, intimate setting with a fountain as a centerpiece and a giant chalk wall for the kiddos. The aspen trees are strung with whimsical lighting and, along with the music, truly delivers you to an escape in Italy. From the delicious meal to the ambience, it was every bit a welcomed new dining experience in this cozy mountain town.