Choir performs at The Loft Orpheum Theater

As a special edition to this year’s Christmas Opening, the Buena Vista High School’s Soundscapes Choir will be performing at The Loft Orpheum Theater to raise money for their trip to New York next May to
perform at Carnegie Hall.
With such an exciting and prestigious opportunity, members of the Chamber of Commerce wanted to showcase these students and their talents as a heart-warming ending to a community-wide annual
event. The performance begins at 6:30 and tickets will be sold at the door or ahead of time on the chamber’s website. The hour- long performance will be a mixture of traditional Christmas music in a
variety of styles with the whole choir, small groups and solos.
The choir’s director, Tanner Oharah, is the theatre and choir director for McGinnis Middle School and Buena Vista High School. He directs multiple choirs and teaches two theatre classes, and it was his college choir director who asked him and his students to be a part of a festival choir to augment a collegiate ensemble in a performance of Morten Lauridsen’s Lux Aeterna in New York.
“In addition to twenty Soundscapes singers we have a combination of alumni and family traveling and performing with us. One of my favorite things about being a choir director is sharing the depth of poetry
and musical lines with other people,” said Oharah.
“When text and music and the human voice all come together we are able to explore some very real emotions and thoughts in a world that often hides behind highlight reels. I love that we have to be
vulnerable to be a successful choir.”
This is only one of various fundraising styles and events the choir will be doing to raise the money needed for the students to make this trip a reality. If you would like to donate but are unable to make it
to the performance, the Chamber of Commerce will have an option to donate on their website. Oharah encouraged that the best way to keep up with fundraisers and events is to follow them on Facebook at
Buena Vista High School Performing Arts.
“We will continue to work hard to raise money to get the choir to New York. In February we will have a music learning lock-in/pledge drive and will be selling deal cards. Our favorite way to raise money is to
provide music. We would love to have you book us for performances,” he said.
Another exciting element about the performance is that it will be held at the newly renovated Loft Theater located in the historical Orpheum building. Owner and photographer at The Loft Theater is BV
bred, Uriah Werner. A local theater enthusiast who was a part of the BVHS choir when he was in school, made a career of his passion traveling all over the world and then returned home to turn his dream into
a reality when he was able to purchase the Loft Theater and provide the town with the stage it was lacking.
My dream was always to start my own venue and I started the Loft Music Venue in Colorado Springs 8 years ago. However, my true dream is being realized with the Buena Vista Loft Orpheum Theater. It’s
pretty cool that the dream that I have had since I was 17 was to have a theater, and to be able to come full circle and the venue I ended up finding was in my hometown just makes the dream-come- true that much sweeter.”
With a wedding and performance venue that holds 400 people, Werner is grateful to be able to give back to his hometown community and host this event as a way to re-introduce the theater.
“I think it is the perfect way to infuse new life into something that has so much history, and expand people’s minds on what can be done for these kids. This type of opportunity and performance at Carnegie Hall could really inspire them to pursue their dreams,” said Werner.