Houston based band ‘The New Offenders’ puts together something familiar in powerful, drum and guitar led blues howls, but with a youthful energy and willingness to take on the world that we haven’t heard yet.  Comparisons to Anders Osborne, The Black Keys and ZZ Top are fair, but the grizzled old blues themes or party anthems are not featured here. The Ark was curious about these Texas boys and caught up with lead man Hunter McKithan for an interview ahead of their show at the Lariat in Buena Vista on Saturday, September 10th at 9pm:
The Ark: About the lyrics in your title track in the new album ‘Stones to Throw,”  “If you are standing there with my stones to throw” There’s definitely a story behind that, and maybe a little frustration. Where’d it come from?
The New Offenders: “Stones to Throw” was written for the underdog by our bass player, Jason Nelson, and myself. It’s kind of about the relevancy of where social standards fall on us. How society goes against what it is we’re doing. To really find your true self, sometimes you have to against that.
Ark: It’s a really solid and timely album, How’s it doing so far?
NO: The album has been doing okay. We were surprised by the numbers of oversea listeners. Spain, Brazil, Ireland, Germany and some other places. We would love to be able to get over there to play sometime in the future. We haven’t really pushed a single to radio stations yet. It’s hard to find stations where we fit the format. We just rely on going out and playing as much as we can and slinging the album at the shows, as well as itunes, google play and cdbaby.
Ark: By the appearance of your calendar, you are touring like mad  How are you getting around and who is one audience member you remember and for what?
NO: Our band van, Marilyn, a 2001 Ford Econoline E-1500, keeps us moving down the line. She’s proven herself trusty to us since the incarnation of the band. It’s hard to single out just one audience member. We have made several loyal friends and fans at our shows in the past. A Buena Vista resident is who hooked us up with Court and The Lariat. Andy Miles Milburn. So he’s worth mentioning.
Ark:  When I first heard you guys sing, I had to stop and sit down, and listen.  What would each of you say about each other’s vocals?
NO: After playing singing with each other for the past 6 years, a vocal bond has been created. We pretty much have a feel for what each other are try to convey. The harmonies really place the emphasis where it needs to be. 
Ark:  Comparisons to ZZ Top are partly beacause of the beards, I imagine. What about your man T. Ray?  What does he need to water with to catch up to the rest of you?
NO: For someone that “can’t grow a beard,” it’s coming along nicely. He’s currently taking heavy doses of budweiser to speed the growth.
Ark:  Thanks guys.  Really looking forward to the show!new-offenders