At the Salida SteamPlant’s Paquette Gallery

The Salida SteamPlant’s Paquette Gallery hosts an exhibit titled In and Out, featuring paintings by Salida artist Sue Ann Hum, for the month of August. The pieces on display for the In and Out exhibit are mostly new and never-exhibited works born from Hum’s travel memories and her “big orange cat,” or BOC.

More than just pretty places, the scenes in the paintings portray the ins and outs that have etched a special place in Hum’s heart. Featuring paintings produced in her studio and outside en plein air, the exhibit shares Hum’s love for architecture as well as landscape.

Guests will find the memories decorated with unexpected things like a bowl of cremé freche, a chamber pot and parakeets. The artist makes annual trips to France, so the exhibit includes a certain joie de vie and je ne sais quoi. But with her heart firmly planted in Chaffee County, In and Outincludes plenty of local flavor as well.

The exhibit includes tongue-in-cheek narrative paintings featuring BOC as well as Hum’s newest work – a trio of 7-foot-tall oil paintings that invite viewers to look through a life-sized french window that transfixed the artist during a recent trip to Paris. Most paintings are for sale.