Last week Mr. Beauty removed hair from my body. If I concentrate I can still recall the sting. It was the first time anyone else removed hair from my skin, and the first time it was removed with a process other than scissors, razors or tweezers.

I had intentionally avoided waxing my entire life. It looked painful and, I assumed, was more painful than it was worth. Plus, I like to kick it old school with razor burn and ingrown hairs.

When I made my appointment with Peter Mossman aka Mr. Beauty “to be waxed,” he said he calls it “sugaring.” I thought that was a cute made-up name to make waxing sound more appealing. I was wrong. Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian hair-removal process.

Made from sugar, water, salt and lemon juice, the concoction is edible and biodegradable. It looks like honey but is much thicker and behaves more like taffy syrup.

While Peter told me sugaring is less painful than waxing, I’ve never been waxed. So, I’ll just take his word for it and be glad he retired from waxing.

I must admit, among other things, I thought after I got married some of the manicuring could fall by the wayside. I was happy thinking I’d successfully missed this milestone.

But, for the sake of my column, I gave it a go. Also, I’m thinking I could incorporate a few anecdotes from this experience for my ever-evolving (possibly never complete) stand-up routine.

I told myself it couldn’t be more painful than getting a tattoo. I have two of those.

It was certainly not as painful, but the pain was different.

Instead of a persistent ache ‒ like with a tattoo, it was a sharp, piercing pain that only lasted a few moments.

It felt like I was bleeding. I was not.

We started with my eyebrows. I felt this was a good warm-up. I tweeze them often and they are a part of my body a bit used to pain ‒ and hair removal.

Then we graduated to my bikini line. I thought to truly experience sugaring, we needed to go where the skin was delicate and the nerves were aplenty.

We almost quit after one side.

Maybe because I’ve known Peter for years, taking off my pants was not uncomfortable. I felt totally at ease, more than I ever have in a locker room.

I had felt pride, on more than one occasion, for remaining a mystery to Peter. He has sugared more of my friends than he has not. But, I am now officially a “Mr. Beauty Warrior Queen” and it is a badge I wear with pride. I more than survived my first sugaring ‒ the post-sugaring tequila shots at Benson’s Tavern helped.

Sadly, Peter isn’t taking anymore clients. Maybe you can get on his waitlist, because Mr. Beauty is a true professional who is enthusiastic in perfecting his craft.

And with that, I’m off to the hot springs.