Music festival showcases youth talent

The fourth installment of Salida’s annual SunFest, a congregation of sorts for the talented young musical saplings of Trevor “Bones” Davis’ musical nurseries of Rok Skool and Rok Kamp, goes off on Friday, May 25, from 5 to 10 p.m. at Riverside Park in Salida. Though the teams of kids have always impressed with quality performances to rival any in the Rock School movement, this year may feel like a new level has been reached.

For starters, there are five polished acts to make up a whole evening of music. The “varsity” Rok Skool teams will really “bring it,” says Davis. They grabbed onto ambitious new songs that Davis himself wasn’t fully confident they would be able to master before showtime. But they insisted and took on the challenge with a vengeance he has not seen before from these groups. Bones and his students at all levels work out sets that are crafted to both show the reach of their skill and keep the audience cheering.

The festival also features his “JV team” bands, the new all-girls group “Mismatch,” who have taken on new members and “really grown” since their New Year’s show, and has special guests The Salida Circus performing as well as “Grey.” Also lending a guest appearance are members of Red Bandana, the middle schooler band spawned from Rok Skool’s first years that rocked the Ark Valley way back in the early 2010s. Red Bandana was made up of Salida natives Alexandra Maes, who continued on to Berklee Music School in Boston; Lily Pinto, Faith Spino and Mesa Pinto. The band played the Carbondale Mountain Fair, the Crestone Music Festival, the Salida SteamPlant, FIBArk and the Tabor Opera House, all in 2011-2012.