With a look toward the future, the staff of South Main in Buena Vista have done it again with the introduction and grand opening of the Surf Hotel. The South Main area in downtown BV is known for its picturesque neighborhood and family-oriented riverside layout, offering weekly events, live music, farmers markets and a comfortable atmosphere unique in its charm.

My husband and I were invited to the Surf Hotel last week for an incredible opportunity to tour the grounds of the new, stately establishment and enjoy an evening of food and drinks in the hotel’s restaurant, Wesley and Rose, which serves daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. From the moment we arrived, we were treated like special guests, which I quickly realized is how most hotel and restaurant patrons feel when they step into this boutique hotel.

The beverage director and hotel manager beamed as they shared with us the fine-tuned details and thoughtfulness integrated into every inch of its setting. From a custom-built pine and marble bar in the restaurant to monogrammed accents and custom wallpaper, every single feature created an elevated sophistication as a backdrop to our dining experience.

The hotel rooms were designed with just as much love by the hotel owner’s wife, Kennley Selby. I can only describe the décor as a simple elegance but with a bohemian comfort at its core. From chandeliers and hand-laid tiles to subtle monotone color palettes, it was the textures, fixtures and inviting blueprint that made each room feel like home.

For me, the grandeur of the Surf Hotel was a wraparound balcony that only hotel guests can enjoy, complete with gas lanterns and rocking chairs and, of course, a view of the Arkansas River, Sleeping Indian and the Collegiate Peaks. It became obvious that every element was created with care and consideration to provide guests with, not only the first hotel of its kind in the valley, but also a new style of vacationing.

It has the appeal of an intimate bed and breakfast combined with the amenities of a high-end resort, all nestled into a setting with all the possibilities of Colorado’s beautiful outdoors and recreation at your disposal. Did I mention that even the outer rock wall facing the river utilizes the rocks unearthed while creating the building’s foundation? The hotel embodies the spirit of its neighbors – the river and her waves.

After our tour, we were seated at a community-style table in the restaurant and proceeded to enjoy a three-course dinner and wine pairing experience. The artistry behind Surf Hotel’s simplicity carried through to its menu and food preparation. The essence captured in its entire ambiance embodied a masterful execution. We were fortunate to have a few minutes with hotel owner Jed Selby while enjoying our meal and artisan cocktails, and he described the entity perfectly when he compared it to a simple loaf of bread. “From the food to the ambiance, it is all like a loaf of simple bread. We execute a basic recipe at a masterful level, allowing the execution to speak for itself. But really, it is the people that tie it all together and provide such an inviting experience,” he said. The restaurant offers fresh-baked baguettes, breads and even English muffins as a daily grab-and-go addition.

The menu stays true to simplicity and customer service by offering comfort food, finger foods and a variety of cultural cuisine so that the restaurant can be a quick lunch for the entire family after a day on the river or a romantic, date night affair. The menu can be made into exactly what you are looking for.

Our evening at the Surf Hotel ended all too soon after hours of merriment, delicious food and maybe one too many glasses of carefully selected wine, and we felt content and even proud to have a place like this to show off to family and friends who find their way to our idyllic mountain town.

The only word I can think of to describe every part of that evening is radical. The Surf Hotel is paving the way for a new kind of travel experience with their boutique hotel atmosphere. From the way customers are treated to its defining décor, this hotel and restaurant deserves the recognition it will gain with its ultimate, exclusive experience.