Taylor Scott Band returns to The Lariat

Taylor Scott returns with his band to The Lariat for a 9 p.m. show Saturday, May 19, in the midst of a busy time for the musician, who earned his chops playing in Otis Taylor’s band.

Scott said he’s “really excited” about a new album he recently finished recording that will be released later this year. “We worked with Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, and it was great, creatively – the best time I’ve ever had in the studio. … It’s our first time really working with people on that level. It’s a good record. I’m really proud of it.”

Scott and his band mates have opened for Los Lobos and shared the stage with the legendary band. “The Los Lobos guys are great. … We did a run with them a few weeks ago.”

Speaking of touring, the Taylor Scott Band – Scott on guitar and vocals, Jon Wirtz on keyboards, Larry Thompson on drums and Todd Smallie on bass – is gearing up for a summer filled with gigs from Colorado to Canada.

“The summer will be real busy for us,” Scott said. “In June we’ll be out of the state most of the time. … After the Lariat gig, we go home for a week, then we play in Moab before heading to Canada, and we’ll play in Montana on the way to Canada and back.”

Scott is no stranger to Buena Vista and The Lariat, having performed multiple times with his own band as well as Space Orphan, a band started by Wirtz.

“It’s kinda starting to feel like home away from home. I was (at The Lariat) for a whole week in January-February playing solo acoustic. I’ll do that again in July, I think. I love that room and the guys who run it. Court and Robbie are really cool, and Brother Rob does great work on sound. I wish I could be there more. … It’s just so cool to hang around town and explore, get to know the area and then reflect that when you play.”

In addition to his band, Scott said he expects Nic Clark to sit in for a few tunes. Clark sat in with the Andy Sydow Band May 4 at The Lariat, showcasing his soulful harmonica chops. “Nic’s my best friend,” said Scott. He’s also a talented multi-instrumentalist and producer who has worked with a number of Colorado’s brightest young stars.

Scott’s regular band mates are no slouches, either. Smallie’s credentials include a stint with the Derek Trucks Band, while Thompson keeps the beat for the Otis Taylor Band and has performed with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie and John Denver.

The Taylor Scott Band is definitely a rock band, but the musicians bring a wide range of influences to the band’s incredible sound. So while the music can’t really be placed into a specific genre, important influences include soul, funk, blues, country, jazz and rock ’n’ roll. The best part is how the musicians channel those influences into original music with wide-ranging appeal to music fans of all stripes.

“It’s all over the map,” said Scott. “The sound that we’re going for is soulful and well-informed by the music that’s brought us here. The whole band listens to so much music. … Everything gets thrown into the melting pot for us. I’ve been working with this band for a few years now, and at this point it’s all coming together where we’re able to communicate it and it sounds like us.”

Scott acknowledged his good fortune in performing with Otis Taylor for three years. “I was pretty much straight out of high school. It was a great experience. He’s really good at putting a great band together,” which is how Scott met Thompson and Smallie. “It’s just nice to learn from those guys.”

In addition to Scott’s upcoming show May 19 and solo dates in July, he will return to The Beach in Buena Vista July 27 for a gig with Space Orphan.