Salidascope began when a couple of artist friends happened upon an old copier at Caring and Sharing one afternoon in 2016. After a bunch of staples, globs of glue, culling, re-ordering, re-shuffling and many a beer and a laugh, the very first copy of Salidascope was born.

It started off as a wee thing, a punk DIY-zine in black and white, about the size of a quarter page, with only 100 copies. We persisted in herding the cats that are the underground artists of Salida – all your bartenders, guides, shopkeepers, mechanics, bankers, teachers, parents, students, etc. – and soon we grew to an 11- x 11½-inch full-color spread. Currently, we send out a few thousand copies quarterly with The Ark Magazine, which has been incredibly supportive of the local art scene and for that we are so very grateful.

Salidascope has always been about the art and the artists. It is free for anyone in the Arkansas Valley to be a part of and it is free to experience tangibly via The Ark Magazine and virtually at

As struggling artists, we needed a way to showcase our work that was simple, creative, inclusive, open-minded and without censorship. Salidascope has become more than just a magazine over the last two years. It is ultimately a supportive community that creates together and encourages one another in our artistic endeavors. The ’zine has inspired amazing collaboration among artists and sparked lasting friendships – and hosted some pretty bad-ass parties!

We are proud to be part of the Salida and Ark Valley communities and look forward to serving all the artists who live in the area. As artists, we put our life force energy into our creations, but it is not until our art is shared and experienced with others that the artwork truly comes to life. Salidascope has given us a public forum to share our art, but it is you who have breathed life into our words and images!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in all your unique ways; we are forever grateful! Join us ArtWalk weekend in the SteamPlant Ballroom for a collective exhibit and art market and each evening for a collaborative art extravaganza including live music, interactive art, live painters and spoken word!