An improvisational music journey debuts at The Lariat

A moment is fleeting, so why not make it memorable? This is the ideal mantra of the improvisational band The Jauntee, who will give a debut performance at The Lariat in Buena Vista on Saturday, Jan. 20, at 8:30 p.m.

East Coast-roots turned Colorado-based, these four guys hypnotize crowds all over the country in over a hundred performances a year with their eclectic make-up of original music and stylized covers that take audiences on an unprecedented journey.

With a lineup consisting of drums, bass, guitar, vocals and a keyboardist with an extensive set-up of vintage equipment, The Jauntee brings an array of futuristic sounds to their music. They channel the likes of Miles and Coltrane for a jazz influence, as well as The Grateful Dead and even Erykah Baduh for an R&B vibe. The band’s drummer, Scott Ferber, and guitarist Caton Sollenberger started the group in 2010 after meeting one another while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston.

“The band’s name stems from the old English word jaunt, which means to take a jovial trip or journey, which is the experience we hope to give the listener when listening to us,” said Ferber. “The band has focused on improv from the very start.  To create brand new compositions solely based on what you’re feeling and hearing in that moment is a pretty unique and wonderful experience.  It’s very mentally stimulating and forces you to be ‘in the moment’ – which I can’t think of a better place to be.”

Ferber said about 90 percent of each performance is original music from their two albums. Their debut album, Enjoy the Ride, was recorded in 2012, and their most recent is called Excelsior, which was released in 2015. Both are available online at Spotify or iTunes or can be found on their website, The band likes to throw in a few covers throughout each performance to give audiences a wide range of music to groove to.

“Most of the songs on both of these albums were written individually by a member and then brought to the band so each member could then write their own parts, other than a few specific melodies that the songwriter suggests. We also really try to keep a wide variety of covers in rotation. Whatever it is, we like to put our flair on it and add some sections for improve that weren’t part of the original arrangement,” he said.

The members of the Jauntee have been rooted in Colorado for a short while but have been touring here for five years. Ferber said they heard about Buena Vista and the valley during the Vertex festival, and The Lariat is a music venue they have heard only good things about from other bands in their scene. They could not wait to add it to their tour schedule.

“I’ve always loved the mountains, and as far as the music scene goes, it’s been good to us right from the start. There just seems to be a higher level of excitement and appreciation toward live music out here when compared to most places we travel,” Ferber said.

When asked what the most thrilling aspect of being on stage is, Ferber’s passion for his profession was obvious and his response provided the perfect visual of what music lovers can expect on Saturday night.

“For me, it’s seeing the smiles in the audience and the people singing along and dancing. To be able to provide others with happiness through music is a beautiful thing. People can expect to be taken on a playful, musical journey that evokes all spectrums of emotions.”