At the top of Sidewinder Trail on a 2-degree day, Luke Treat dropped to one knee and asked, “Caitlin Princess Diana Rolfs, will you marry the crap out of me?” She said yes.

The Salida couple will marry later this year at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort.

“My first thought was his quad was hurt,” Rolfs said. “I realized and I started cracking up. It was so unexpected.”

In 2015 Rolfs moved to Salida from Kansas and Treat moved from Missouri. They met when Rolfs went to the radio station where Treat worked. Rolfs said she had a “celebrity crush” on Treat because she listened to his morning show.

Their relationship started as friends, but Treat said he eventually worked up the courage to ask Rolfs out. “We met up, she didn’t hate it. (But) a couple days go by, and I asked, ‘When would you like to hang out again?’ She said, ‘No thank you.’”

Rolfs adamantly refuted this, but admitted that she wasn’t looking for a serious relationship at the time.

“Luckily, I’m good at wearing people down. I can be very persuasive,” Treat said.

The couple moved in together a year later, claiming part of their reasoning was to save money on rent.

“I never questioned, ‘Will I marry Caitlin?’ Once I knew I loved her and cared for her, it was more about how to scrape together money to buy a ring.”

Rolfs said she started dropping hints last fall after a friend got engaged, but Treat said at that time, he had already bought the ring.

The proposal happened on their two-year anniversary. The plan was go to to Monarch Mountain, then basketball practice for coach Rolfs and dinner at The Asian Palate.

The weather forecast predicted 90-mile-per-hour winds and 2 degrees, but happily the wind wasn’t blowing.

Rolfs inadvertently threw a wrench in the proposal plans by deciding to try snowboarding for the first time that day.

“I’ve had this day planned since August and she decided to try snowboarding,” Treat said. “There wasn’t much I could say without giving away my plans.”

Treat had coordinated with a friend to help capture the proposal. But because Rolfs was on a snowboard, their friend, Bobby, was waiting for about 20 minutes.

“We had a brilliant improv scene with a full backstory (to explain why Bobby was there),” Treat explained. “We thought we were the best thespians on the mountains, but Caitlin was strapping out and wasn’t paying attention to any of it.”

For a brief instant, after dropping to one knee, Treat said he panicked. He looked up at Rolfs and she had an unpleasant look on her face.

“I was feeling pretty confident, like 99.9-percent sure she’d say yes, but I saw that look and it dropped to 9 percent.”

Rolfs contends that the look was because she thought he was injured.

On wedding planning, the couple said they have determined their venue and purchased save-the-date cards.Treat said, “We know who we don’t want to attend.”

Most of the guests will be traveling from Kansas, Missouri and Montana, and the pair said they are excited to show off where they live.

Rolfs said she’s mostly excited about having “the most important people in our lives in one place.” To which Treat interrupted with, “Caitlin, John Elway is not coming to our wedding.”

After laughing, Rolfs said she loves Treat’s sense of humor and sensitivity and that he’s romantic.

“I did shave my chest for you once, that’s pretty romantic.”

While marriage may not be for everyone, Treat said he understands the concept more than he used to.

“I couldn’t see the logic of (marriage) in my 20s. A piece of paper binding two people? Silly. But with maturity and wisdom, I’ve realized it’s more of a commitment – you’re pushing all your chips into the center of the table.”