The Vic will be rockin’ for FIBArk

Once again, the Victoria Tavern will be serving up funk on FIBArk weekend for late night folks who still need to get their groove on.

On Thursday, June 14, Two Faces West will play the FIBArk Kickoff Party from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Band members Mick Knudson and Kurt Ashmore first came together to make music during the fall of 2010 as freshmen at Western State University in Gunnison. They quickly became known locally for their rock and blues sound. Five years later, bass player Caden Kramer joined the band, and not long afterward the trio played their first gig together at the Vic.

Ashmore said Vic owner Molly Simonson has consistently been a huge supporter of Two Faces West, and this will be the band’s third year playing the kickoff party. They’ll also be on the FIBArk main stage in Riverside Park from 3 to 5 p.m. Friday for the first time.

Two Faces West’s songwriting is a collective effort between band members. “We all thrive on each other’s taste in music,” Ashmore explained. “We try to draw inspiration from everywhere.” Listening to different types of music shows up in their playing and has led to the funkier side of where the band is today.

Ashmore noted that starting and keeping a band going is hard work. “You have to be dedicated with a common goal. It’s really rewarding when you can make music that makes people, including yourselves, smile and dance.”

Their FIBArk appearances in Salida are just part of a summer-long Colorado and West Coast tour. Learn more or listen online at

The Vic continues the party on Friday and Saturday, June 15 and 16, when The Fabulous Boogienauts will play nightly from 10 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

This Denver based, 10-piece, all original, power disco funk ensemble has been cranking out the tunes since 1996. They are no strangers to Salida and call all who “have ears and heartbeats to get up and dance.”

Band member Rocky Ramjett remembers that back when the band formed, he found most Denver bands to be either “of the grunge or shoe-gazer variety. I wanted to do something more fun and danceable.” Ramjett steered the sound toward disco – something no musician at the time would “touch with a 10-foot pole. … I watched Saturday Night Fever 666 times and went out on a year-long recruitment spree.”

He ending up finding the right band members to help him create their current funky disco rock metal sound. Since then, the band has had more than 70 different members throughout its history; only Ramjett and Jennsing are original to the band. “New blood always influences our sound, and we encourage that change.”

Typically, each show will have a different theme, and the band frequently dresses in costumes that sync with the theme. But sometimes costuming is more “off the cuff,” flowing with a bit of a freestyle funk look. “During our first year, we were described by one magazine as looking like three decades of thrift stores had vomited on us.”

The Boogies – as they are affectionately known – have played FIBArk week in Salida a number of times, and Ramjett said he “loves how people in this town really come out for it.” He added, “At some point we’ll probably have to make a Boogie raft for the Hooligan race. Everyone is so nice here; it’s more fun than that town from Northern Exposure.”

They’re currently working on their third album. Follow them on Facebook at The Fabulous Boogienauts.