At the Watertower is a self-proclaimed “good time band” that loves to play birthday parties. Based in Denver, the band discovered Salida through the party gig grapevine.

“We have been coming up to Salida for about 5 years now, playing the Fritz and Benson’s, and we always have such a good time,” said Brett Boland, band front man and “driver of the Winnebago.”

In keeping up their good-time band reputation, Watertower is always coming up with new ideas for their gigs. “The last few years we’ve been bringing up goofy stuff like fog machines and lights,” Boland said, “but this year thought that we should do something different.” For the Friday, June 16 gig at Benson’s Tavern and Beer Garden, that includes recording the band’s entire outdoor live set, which will be a first for both the band and Benson’s.

Tavern owner Brett Ziehmke said, when the band approached him with the idea, he thought, “Man, this is just one more reason I love these guys.” Ziehmke first met the band members when they played at the Fritz’ “first ever Canned Beer Festival. ” His favorite song they play is “Gangsters Delight.”

Boland said one of his favorite new songs is “Hot Mess Mary,” written by lead guitarist Alex Garcia. “It’s tough to beat taking the wireless mic into the crowd and getting everyone to sing Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” together though,” he said.

This fall Watertower will celebrate its 10-year anniversary, and Boland said the plan is to throw a party and release the live album. Their friend Kyle Zender, “an amazing sound guy,” agreed to travel with the band and record the Friday night set. Boland believes the recording will go well as long as the band members “don’t take ourselves too seriously, ” He immediately added that “has never been a problem.”

Boland described his feelings as the band approaches this milestone: “Definitely nervous and excited. Ready is a tough one I never truly feel ‘ready’ for something like this. That said, we are a good-time band and really just try to make sure that the people who are willing to spend some time with us have a great time.”

At the Watertower is not a full-time job for any of the band members. Boland said the band plays about once a month ‒ “nothing crazy as we all have careers and soccer games and things like that going on as well.”

For the audience who will come along on the ride, Boland said the band doesn’t have any specific requests. “We just feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to come up (to Salida) all of these years and have a small part in the fun. I would just say to be ready to sing along a little, laugh a little and have a great time. That is what we will be shooting for as well.”