Interested in the art of true storytelling? Come hone your craft among a select group of your fellow writers. Set Your Story Free explores storytelling in all its myriad forms with a focus on helping each participant identify their strengths and master their challenges. In creative writing workshops, we study structure and craft – but how do we learn to fill our structures with compelling substance; how do we learn to apply our craft to subject matters that matter, to the stories that are ours? In this class, we’ll explore these questions with an eye toward discovering our own obsessions and finding those stories only we can tell.

Through writing exercises, discussions, and readings in a variety of styles, we’ll investigate the ways our various experiences—those we’ve had in the physical world, in our minds and dreams, and on the page, as readers—might inform and inspire our creative work. This workshop will be devoted to generating new work and ideas, and it is open to writers at all levels.

Long time Buena Vista local, Jess Lewis, is currently working on finishing her Masters of Arts in Creative Writing from Goddard College. As a graduate student in the program she is unable to accept compensation for her teaching, however she is asking that students donate $20 a class in order to cover the cost of space and materials for the course. In this 15-hour workshop Jess will expound on techniques and writing practices she has learned through her study of creative writing both at Goddard and from her experience writing and working across the globe.

The one-month course will culminate in a public reading held at the Watershed during one of the community Homestead Days. It will be an opportunity for students to share what they have been working on and celebrate the milestones they have achieved through their hard won effort.

Join Jess and fellow writers from the community each Sunday from 1:00-4:00 PM starting August 26 through September 23 for a lively and enriching writing workshop.

For more information or to sign up for the course you can contact Jess at